All About Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine

Labels, as we know, are the identification of the product that gives us what the product is all about that is the name of the product or brand name etc. Stickers can be of various shapes and sizes such as round, flat, oval, or rectangular and various other shapes depending on the bottles such as it might be either a shampoo bottle, wine bottle, water bottle, medicine bottle, and pump bottle. Further, to manufacture these various stickers, machines are required. There are various types of labeling machines with numerous facilities. Here, in this article, we will discuss the different types of bottle labeling machine and understand the benefits of it.

Why Labelling Machine?

Before we discuss the various types of bottle sticker labeling machines, let us see why we require a bottle labeller machine. Manual preparation of stickers and labeling in bulk are time-consuming, lots of employees were hired, and too much money is spent. To control the expenses and complete the work within time, the manufacturing of labeling machines with advanced features come into existence. These machines not only saved time, money, but the bulk labeling work was performed efficiently without any error and at the same time increased the production level. This machine helped to complete the work within the given time frame. And there was no delay in the delivery process.

Types of bottle sticker labelling machines

These machines are manufactured with precise precision and sturdiness that includes wrapping unit, electric panel, product transmission system, programmable logic control panel, label dispenser unit. Its other advanced features enable us to perform the work efficiently and deliver it within the prescribed time frame.

Its advanced features allow the machine to adjust according to the requirement. The system is made up of strong AC variable drive system and single point online speed variation control that is in-built so that a minimum balance of force is used during the operations. The motorized system maintains the minimum distance between the two products. These machines are durable and require minimum maintenance.

Double Side Flat Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine
Bottle Labelling Machine – Vertical Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

The bottle labeler machine holds the capacity to label 150 units in one single go. That is according to the diameter of the product as well as the size of the label. The vertical-multi pack model is fully as well as semi-automatic with user-friendly features such as a modern microprocessor control system for dispensing the labels. A wide range of materials such as glass, PP, plastic, PET, HDPE, etc used to prepare the labels. Further, its advanced and preset system helps to detect the length of the label. 

There are various types of labeling machines that are incorporated below:


The bottle labeller is designed with advanced features to meet all the needs required for printing of labels. The characteristics of these machines not only meet the current requirement but increases the production level. It is considered as one of the most suitable machine for overlap labeling, partial, and full wrap around system. It holds the capacity to print 150 labels at one go depending on the shape, size and label size. Micro processor control label dispensing system and user friendly sensing system has bought these machines in demand.