All About Different Types of Filling Machine

Every large or small product requires filling either in bottles or pouches with beverages, food, tablets, and many other products. It has to be tightly sealed, wrapped neatly, and properly packed out for delivery into the market. To perform all this work proper equipment is required. Hence, the engineers did constant research and were finally able to manufacture the latest technology-based machine known as filling machine or fillers. It was made depending on the types of products to be filled.

Selecting the right machine is very important for your business as it will meet all the needs that are required. It will help to improve the production level, boost sales, and brings drastic changes to your business. These machines fill various products such as powders, liquid, and granules. It uses various containers such as bottles, vials, bags, can, ampoules, drums, tubes, and glass, etc. These highly versatile, user friendly, corrosion-resistant, compact, sturdy, noise-less, and easy to maintain filling machines are easily available.

Types of filling machine

The filling machine as we have read is a machine that fills the exact quantity of a specific product in the related container. These machines are either semi-automatic or fully automatic. Further, we will discuss various types of filling machines.

Liquid Filling Machine

It is also known as liquid filler or flow filling machine, commonly used in the beverage industry. It is used to fill viscous and non-viscous liquids in different containers such as bottles, cans, cups, or cartons. These types of machines can be utilized to fill food items such as cooking oil, soup, sauces, and salad dressing. There are various types of liquid filling machine with different functions and capabilities are furnished below:

  • Manual liquid filling machines
  • Semi-Automatic liquid filling machines
  • Fully-automatic Liquid Filling Machine
  • Rotary Liquid Filling Machine
  • Piston Filling Machine
  • Twin head liquid filling machine
  • Four head liquid filling machine
  • Six head liquid filling machines
  • Eight head liquid filling machine
  • Automatic volumetric linear filling machine

Bottle Filling Machine

Bottle Filling Machine is also known as bottle fillers and is used to fill various types of liquid into bottles and vials. There are numerous types of bottle filling machine such as

  • Automatic filling machine for bottles
  • Automatic filling machine for vials
  • Automatic bottle filling machine
  • Semi-automatic bottle filling machine
Volumetric Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

Powder Filling Machine

Powder Filling Machine is also known as powder fillers and utilized for filling powdered and granulated items that are free-flowing and non-free flowing powdered. Its made of spiral feeding and light control technology that allows high-filling accuracy and zero-drip operation. 

Free-flowing items are granulated sugar and table salt that cannot retain their shape even when external pressure is added. Non free-flowing items such as brown sugar or powdered milk can retain their shape when an external force is added. Powder filling machines fill packets of additives starch, pesticides. Even the cosmetic industry, food, beverage, and chemical industry use this machine to fill the products.

Auger Powder Filling Machine

Capsule Filling Machine

The benefit of the Capsule Filling Machine is that it fills the containers without measuring the weight but by counting the number of pieces. It’s used in the pharmaceutical industry for the packing of medicines.

Tablet Capsule Counting and Filling Machines

Conclusion of Different Types of Filling Machine

The user-friendly filling machines or fillers come with highly versatile, precise, and long-lasting that can be used for different types of filling the products. It is better if you own a business that requires filling of food products, then various types of machines with different technology is available in the market that might be beneficial for you in packing goods. A filling machine is a kind of packaging machine that fills the thousand of containers with specific food products.