All About Different Types of Vial Machines

In today’s time, industries & factories require technologies to execute different types of work. Technologies like vial machines are a great source of help in pharmaceutical factories.

Vial Machine

There are different types of vial machines available for various applications. The Vial filling machines are used for filling the vials with the contents that are usually liquid, dry syrup powder, injectable powder, etc. On the other hand, vial sealing machine is a highly automated equipment used for placing stoppers on top of the vials to seal them and labels are placed on the product using vial labelling machine.

Different types of vial machines

There are different types of vial machines such as

  1. Vial washing machine
  2. Vial filling machine
  3. Vial capping machine
  4. Vial labelling machine

These vial machines work on certain principles.

Here mentioned are different types of vial machines and their applications.

Vial Washing Machines

Vial washing machines are available in pharmaceutical labs. These vial washers are used to remove all the adulterants from vial surfaces and then dry them so that there are no traces of water molecules available.

Some principles of different vial washing machines are mentioned below.

  1. Rotary washing machines: Rotary washing machines have varied output of vials, works in rotary motion.
  2. Linear washing machine: Linear washing machine’s work is to automatic load arrangement facilities of vials on to SS wire mesh conveyor through feed conveyor this saves labour workload as vials are feed into pockets directly.
  3. External washing machine: The external washing machines are configured to wash the outer surface of round shaped vials. This is done to reduce personal exposure and to decrease rejection rates.

Linear Bottle Washing Machine

vial filling machines

Vial fillers, these machines are hi-tech in their mechanism and are used for filling different kinds of Liquids. The basic units are turntable, S.S. Stat conveyor belt, unique eccentric pre-gassing, filling and post-gassing. With simple structure and high efficiency, these filling machines are usually used for high viscosity liquid such as oil, syrup, and fruit wine etc.

Mentioned below are some different vial filling machines.

  • Automatic Dry Syrup Powder Filling Machine

This Powder filling machine can fill varied Bottles per minute depending on powder fill capacity, powder type, the diameter of bottle and bottle neck diameter.

  • Injectable Powder Filling Machine

The injectable powder filling machine is suitable for round vials with a maximum speed of varied vials per minute, and the vial diameter of the machine.

Vial Filling with Rubber Stoppering Machine

Working principles of vial capping machines

The vial cappers are built to handle small polypropylene caps microcentrifuge tubes and vials. This vial cappers have an automated system built to feed vials and caps. Once the vials are feed, these vials are collected into a single rotary dial where a precise amount of fluid is released.

Here are some principles of vial cappers.

  • First, the vials are collected into a rotary dial where a certain amount of fluid is released.
  • Once the dial indexes are uncapped, the fluid-filled vial is passed to the next position where the correct amount fluid level is examined.
  • After the vials are examined, these full vials are directly capped and torqued.
  • Vials with a malfunction in fluid levels or incorrect cap heights are cancelled.

Above is the working principle of vial capping machines.

Vial Cap Sealing Machine

Vial labelling machine

Vial Labellers are designed for labelling small, delicate to handle, round products such as vials and test tubes. Vial labelling machines are compatible with independent operation and can also perform line operation.

  • The technical fixer distributes the items on a fixed distance and pushes the items in the direction of the conveyor.
  • It has a drive circle belt, a labelling circle belt and a reel. The drive circle belt drags the strip of labels in a movement so that the label strip is pulled out when the strip of labels are pressed against the article by the labeller wheel.
  • When the conveyor reaches a particular position, the drive wheel starts to the speedup according to the belt, and after the label is stuck, it slows down to stop.

All above are various types of vial machines and their applications that are applied to the mechanism of the machine.

Vial machines are of different types, and different types of machines work on different mechanism with specific working principles.

Vertical Vial Sticker Labeling Machine

All About Different Types of Vial Machines