All About Tablet/Capsule Counting and Filling Line

Tablet Counting and Filling Line

The Tablet Counting and Filling Machine are capable of measuring and filling a range of items such as tablets, liquid drops, soft gels, etc. Tablet Counting & Filling Machine is capable of providing a production efficiency of between 25 and 150 bottles per minute with accurate counting.

Tablet Counter and Filler are designed with GMP standard. It composesof the light electric machinery for Tablet counting and filling, lined by developing quality sound waves, multiple channels feeder, computer control, vibrant scan counting, instant bottle transfer, automatic system test. Tablet counter consists ofautomatic interrupt features and other sophisticated technologies. Built appropriate for tablet and tablet filling in the pharmaceutical or food industry. Tablet/capsule bottle packaging line of three separate development bases includes Electronic Tablet Counter & Filler, Disk Style Tablet / Capsule Count Line, and Tracker Style Tablet and Capsule Counting Line.

Counting processed goods has been of paramount significance in pharmaceuticals owing to the need to compensate for production quantities.


  • Compact design;
  • Computer running via touch screen HMI with and PLC, the operation is quite simple, counting specific size tablet or capsule no need to adjust pieces.
  • Protect products from damages
  • Simple operating systems for a single user
  • Fitted with a perforated panel to catch dust or tablet chips by adding a vacuum source.
  • Equipped with a buffer bucket to block the capsules/tablets falling whereas the bottles are moving. This configuration enables the vibrating feeder to work continuously.
  • The compatible configuration requires the addition of a capping machine, a marking machine, and a cartooning machine to create a line-up output system.
  • Automated Screening Device refuses faulty goods

Tablet Capsule Counting and Filling Machines

Capsule Counting and Filling Line

Capsule Counting & Filling Machine is used for counting and filling capsules in poly bags and rigid containers. Each disk is specially built and assembled to fulfil different consumer specifications. Dust Extractor is given to eliminate dust particles from the bottle so that dust-free tablets and capsules can be packed. Capsule Counting and Filling Machine will count and fill 1 to 1,000 capsules in containers/bags.

Fully automated Capsule Bottle Packaging Line is used for counting and filling capsules in bottles. Capsule Counter and Filler Line comprises of several machines, including Measuring Capsules to Cartooning Containers to Cartons.


  • Lightweight configuration of GMP.
  • Suitable for both tablets and capsules.
  • “No container-No filler” program.
  • The microprocessor base is highly powerful.
  • 36 “diameter disk having the maximum loading capacity.
  • Custom disk designed to meet specific needs.
  • Automatic dust extractor to separate dust particles from the container.
  • Fitted with heavy-duty gearboxes.

Automatic tablet counting and capsule filling machine are equipped for different tablet or capsule forms. This method is perfect for loading the tablet/capsules in the cycle of counting containers at a pace of 60-100 bottles/minute depending on the capacity of the machine.

Editions: Manual, Full Control, Disc Form, Electronic PLC

Industrial filling methods are used to stack the estimated mass or volume of the component, at the end of the manufacturing line, in a packing jar appropriate for the commodity. The required volume of output and considerations of sterility and health.

All About Tablet/Capsule Counting and Filling Line