All About Tablet Counter & Filler Machine

The tablet filling & counting machine is one of the most versatile assembled equipment that works based on a unit, and the role of this unit is for accurately counting the number of pharmaceutical & different types of food products. The products that are inserted into the machine are tablets, pills, coated tablets, and some other tablets like the soft & hard capsules of gelatin. The tablet bottle packaging line is also capable of accurately fill up the bottles with the help of a dual nozzle. Here are the various points like the applications, benefits, types & parts that will explain everything to know about the tablet filler.


The tablet counter & filler works on a set of principles. Firstly, the counting disc allows the machine to get a promised capacity for the fill. Every disc present in the tablet counter is designed to keep a record of the coated and uncoated tablets, which are either soft or hard tablets/capsules. In the tablet bottle packaging line, the bottles are filled individually, one at a given time. Another principle of the machine is that it can fill an amount of four bottles in a particular time.


There are mainly two types of tablet filling machine

  1. Fully automatic tablet counting machine
  2. Semi-automatic tablet filler machine

The Fully automatic tablet counting machine uses some of the venerable high-tech models that improve the accurate counting of the tablets in the bulk quantity as well. The main reason that industries prefer this completely automatic tablet counter is because of the much accurate self-handling system that allows the industries to reduce the workload of the labours by its ability to undertake the entire procedure by itself.

A Semi-automatic tablet filler machine is a machine that uses systems like the semi-automatic overdrive mode. This overdrive mode implies the use of both automatic transmission & manual transmission. This dual system allows the tablet counter machine to execute some of the tasks automatically, while some of the tasks require the labour workload to execute.


There are various parts available in the tablet filling machine. The first part is the Vibrating feeder. The role of this vibrating feeder is to feed tablets/capsules with the mechanism of vibrating in it. The second operation is executed by the counting system. Hence, the term itself describes the purpose of the tool. The bottle feeding system allows the machine to fill up the bottles/vials, as this machine is also used as a filler machine. With the automatic & easy-interface control system, the tablet filling and counting machine complete multi-tasking equipment.


Numerous applications are offered by the tablet filling machine. One of the applications of the tablet counting machine is found in the food processing industry. In the food processing industry usage of this machine can be seen for counting and filling the food tablets manufactured by food industries. Another application of this tablet filling & counting machine can be seen in the health care division, as it is clear that the health care division manufactures different types of capsules & tablets daily and as millions of tablets are manufactured regular, the requirement of tablet filling machines are high in such industries. One more industry that uses tablet filler is the chemical engineering industries as the chemicals are filled in bottles, & these machines are also used to fill and count the bottles/vials of chemicals.

As this tablet filling & counting machine is useful for different purposes, this machine is preferred by industries due to its multitasking feature of counting and filling. Hence numerous points that explain all about the tablet counter & filler machine are necessary to look at in order to know the details about this machine.