All About Ampoule Washing and Ampoule Labelling Machine

What are Ampoules?

Ampoule is a small glass container used to preserve or contain a liquid or pharmaceutical ingredients. Ampoules are also known as ampules or ampul. Most of the time these small ampoules are used to store pharmaceutical products due to which it becomes essential to maintain the germ-free environment around them. Today, these ampoules are mostly used in pharmaceutical industries and need to be labeled properly according to the stored product.

Ampoule Washing Machine

Different Ampoule Washing Machines

A rotary ampoule washing machine is one of the ampoule washing machines preferred in industries expecting a non-stop cleaning process. This type of machine is designed to clean the ampoule by maintaining the least contact between the machinery and ampoule.

Another known kind of ampule washing machine is a multijet ampoule washing machine. This ampoule washing machine works by applying more pressure and less use of water and supports extreme cleaning of ampoules.

These machines have a capacity of delivering up to 250 ampoules per minute ranging capacity of 1ml – 10 ml or 2ml to 100ml depending upon the model of the ampoule washing machine.

Ampoule Washing Machine

Why Do We Need To Wash Ampoules?

Washing is an essential task when concerned with filling material in ampoules. The best way to clean an ampoule is by applying high pressurized jet spray inside as well as outside of the bottle. The washing is more effective if sprayed with hot water. As a result of performing cleaning tasks, minute bacterias, particles that can cause contamination, contaminated chemicals, and residue of bacterial toxin gets removed.

How Do Ampoule Washing Machines Help Industries?

The ampoule washing process needs extreme pressure to bring out the spillages present in ampoules. An ampoule washing machine not only provides a clean and safe to use ampoules but are highly efficient since they clean the ampules at a faster rate.

Pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and various other industries use these ampoule washing machines for different pruposes depending upon their needs.

Ampoule Labelling Machine

An ampoule after being processed from cleaning to sealing method needs to be labelled for further usage. The labeling of an ampoule is an essential part since it helps to distinguish between the different ampoules when stored at the same storage.

An ampoule labelling machine is one of the excellent range of machinery manufactured in the industry. This ampoule labeler is one of the machines that have resulted in an increased production rate as it eases the tedious and complex task of the ampoule labeling process.

Different Ampoule Labeling Machines

One of the most opted ampoule sticker machines is the rotary ampoule sticker labeling machine. The labeling machine comes with an exquisite feature of PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based touch screen HMI by which any changes needed on labels can be made without any hassle. This sticker labelling machine provides a fuss-free execution of label sticking.

Another preferable sticker machine is a horizontal ampoule sticker labeling machine. The automatic ampoule feed-in system makes it useful for ampoule sticker labeller.

The ampoule sticker machine can produce up to 150 ampoules per minute and are considered highly efficient machinery.

Why Industries Use Ampoule Labeling Machines?

Ampoule labeling machines are available in different varieties depending upon the need of the industries and their applications. The size of the input ampoules can vary as well the size of the labels can also be different. The ampoule labelers are incorporated with advanced sensing and servo based control system. These features help to ensure that the labels are placed correctly on the required position.

Many such features present in ampoule labelling machines lead industries to use ampoule labelers. The category of industries using the ampoule labeler machine are pharmaceutical industries, cosmetics, and many other industries.

Both ampoule washing and labeling machine provide excellent productivity and work efficiently without maintenance if used with proper care.

All About Ampoule Washing and Ampoule Labelling Machine