Glass / Pet Bottles Capping Machine

Bottle Screw/ROPP Capping Machine is very much useful in a pharmaceutical company and Harsiddh provides the best of this device having the productive capacity of 90 to 250 bottles in a minute. The Bottle Screw Capping Machine uses No Bottle No Cap mechanism and stops its functionality automatically if there is no bottle found and hence this saves energy and material. The Bottle Screw Capper Machine has a counter that counts the number of output produced. There are various devices in the machine that stops the machine from working if here is any overload or bottle overturn. The star wheel, platform turret and the conveyer move in synchronization using only one motor. The various elements of the Bottle ROPP Capping Machine that has to interact with the aluminum caps, are made using stainless steel. The contact elements are manufactured as per the cGMP standards and the external design of the equipment is constructed using highly qualified aluminum. Bottle ROPP Capper Machine is used to cap the bottles with different sizes that includes the bottles having a diameter of 24 mm to 90 mm and height of 50 mm to 250 mm.  The salient features of our Bottle Screw Capping Machine is it consumes less power and its toughness.