Common Challenges those are rectified in Modern Ampoule Filling Machines

Apart from all other major sectors of the industry, pharmaceutical market is experiencing continuous upsurge and exceptionally high annual growth. Much like other packaging industries, pharmaceutical industries too required reliable and fast packaging solutions.  This will ensure product quality, protection and safety, and comfort of patients.

Previously, there were not much technological advancement recorded in this sector leading to various challenges faced by manufacturers and workers. Like, one of the most common drawbacks that were faced is contamination of the liquids, which were air-sensitive. Moreover, contamination through hand was also quite probable while transferring the vials in the collection tray after filling the liquid.

Sealing of Ampoules

One of the most prominent drawbacks that were faced by the medicines industry in containers filling is its immediate shutting. Even a few seconds missed in closing the vials was hampering the quality content making it unsafe for human use.

But now, ampoules are generally sealed at its neck portion using an open flame. Similarly, it makes opening the seal an easy process as it is snapped off near the neck causing a clean break with no glass shards.

Typically two types of ways are used now, for sealing of ampoule, like,

  • Tip seals
  • Pull seals


Tip sealing is also known as bead stopping where glass is melted at the tip of neck of vial which forms a bead closing the opening. Moreover, the bead that will be produced must be uniform. To do so, heat is applied on neck uniformly from all sides ensuring even distribution.

Here, proper monitoring of flame temperature is quite important as it must be consistent without any fluctuation. Most of these things are now done by machines that rotate vials continuously in a sequence ensuring proper distribution of heat from flame.

The easy to access devices have also required less manpower and lasts long. The best part is that most of them are now available with self-clean technology leading to easy maintenance.

Latest Additions in Technology

  • Ampoule Filling Machine is designed in such a way that, it effectively covers the product with an inert gas with no rubber stopper or anything else that might come in direct contact with the drug.
  • It comes with varying speed and at the same time, maintains consistency of volumes and pressure in each batch.
  • For better usages of these ampoules, some equipment also provides a labeling or ring banding near the tips to identify it accurately.
  • Machines also come with check weight system that, maintains consistency. At the same time, the no ampoule and no filling technology make sure that no empty vials are packed with other filled ones.

Uses of Oxy-Hydrogen Technology

One of the latest technologies that are incorporated in vial filling machines is use of oxy-hydrogen. Its uses ensure several factors such as cleaner environment in the production firm eliminating the risk of generating toxic and hazardous substances that might come in contact with vials. Incorporating it in the mechanisms has complied with market standards for sealing and filling requirements.

Laser technology is also used in this sector in extensive manner where the fastening unit comes with laser sealing station and assembled isolator.