All About Complete Ampoule Filling Line

When you’re packing liquid medicines, you will certainly require an ampoule filling unit. It provides an effective way to fill and seal ampoules.

What is an Ampoule?

The ampoule is a tiny glass container that usually holds a prescribed medication and is used mainly for injection in hospitals. This means that the liquids inside the container are of good purity.

All About Complete Ampoule Filling Line

Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine

Most significantly, the automatic filling and sealing unit would improve profitability, performance, and precision. A pharmaceutical ampoule is a modern mechanical device designed specifically to optimize the production capacity of pharmaceutical companies. This ampoule filling and sealing system are primarily built for the packing of medications in glass ampoules.


  • The model is lightweight and has a loading and sealing capacity of thirty to fifty ampoules per minute. It implements a peculiar method with no ampoule, no charging.
  • The unit is also fitted with a pre-warming port.

How do Ampoule Filler and Sealer work?

Ampoule Filler Sealer is one of the most important equipment that have a significant role to play in the production of pharmaceutical goods, especially liquids. But not only in the pharmaceutical field it’s widelyused in the food, biomedical, and cosmetics industries as well.

Ampoule Filler and sealing machines are based on the concept of slanting movement of ampoules as they are filled and sealed. Around the same period, this machine takes control of certain items, such as the length of the bottom of the tanks, its width, and its oval form.

The types in which the medicines are found in a glass ampoule are as follows:

  • Type of liquid
  • Strong form
  • Type of the powder

Two Head Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine

Ampoule Washing Machine

The machine is mainly used to wash ampoules while reducing their interaction with certain areas of the system. The Ampoule Washing Machine has been built in such a way that the Gripper mechanism catches the ampoule by the neck and keeps it in an upright posture until the ampoule is fully cleaned.

After the laundry of the ampoule has been finally done, the ampoule is discharged to the outfeed feed worm system in an upright direction until the positive laundry of the ampoules is finished.

Ampoule Washing Machine


  • The washing zone has an isolated cable, an automated infeed, and an outgoing bin.
  • System counter and speed indicator with settings menu are also available

Ampoule Labelling Machine

The branding ampoule labeler system has a sticker accuracy of less than 1 mm. Has an integrated logic control unit used to store and retrieve performance data on the machine? The Ampoule labeler is equipped with servo motors from respected suppliers.

Up to 300 labels can be provided per minute by the ampoule labeling machine. It is also reliable and versatile to eliminate all vibration and improve the quality of the operation.

The ampoule labelling Machine has reduced the signal voltage of the ampoule using a manual process. The labeling system for ampoule labels is very simple to use and is used for the fast-paced labeling of ampoules.


  • The built-in real-time speed display will indicate the actual speed of the unit.
  • Tag Roll Start – System Stop issued.