Desiccant Feeder

Desiccant Inserter Machine Description

Quality packaging of products in contamination free environment is one of our main emphases. We provide an automatic desiccant inserting machine that inserts silica gel canisters. Silica gel absorbs moisture preventing the spoilage of products and mould growth ensuring that your customers get 100% safe products and this increases consumer confidence as well as long run sales and profitability.

The desiccant (silica gel) inserter machine is specially designed to insert precut desiccant pouches and canisters at a rate of 50 – 100 canisters per minute. The desiccant feeder machine prevents breakage and spillage of pouches, ensure accurate pouch control, ensure accurate cutting of pouches, automatic movement of bottles through the conveyors.

Our desiccant feeder have advanced human control interface (HMI) and PLC control system that allows the operator to monitor all processes and make any changes whenever necessary from a single intuitive console module. Our desiccant inserting machine carries CE certification.

Our desiccant inserter machine are specially designed to allow for variations in type, size and shape of the bottle as well as the desiccant. The machines can pack round, oblate, rectangle, flat, square bottles. When packaging different products; manufactures do not have to worry about changeover time since the machines have quick tool-less changeover.

Salient Features of desiccant feeder

  • Good for coil driers of color identify symbol or non-symbol.
  • Accurate control of pouch length.
  • Use Pre-desiccant pouch design to avoid pouch transmission uneven and ensure the accuracy of pouch length control.
  • No breakage of the desiccants.
  • The desiccant bags thick adaptive design make sure accurate cutting and avoid breakage of the desiccants.
  • Automatic bottle transferring systems through conveyor.
  • Accurate inserting with help of indexing applicator.
  • Easy to operate.

Technical Specification

Model HDI – 100
Bottles Types Round, Flat, Square
Direction Left To Right
Applicable Desiccant Coil desiccants. Determine the size of the Desiccant by the bottle size.
Capacity 50-100 BPM
Power supply and consumption 0.5 H.P., 220 Volts, 50 Hz, 1 Phase
Size 1600mm X 750mm X 1780mm
Material SS304