Double Side Flat Bottle Sticker Labeling Machine

Sticker Labeling Machine Description

This double side flat bottle sticker labeling machine offers superior production and quality labeling of bottles. The flat bottle labeler achieve double side sticker stamping on bottles of different materials, diameter and height. This double side bottle sticker labeling machine achieves custom labeling rate for bottles per minute based on the type of model. The bottles are in-feed using feed screw and these pass to conveyor that holds the products from top.

The Delrin slate conveyor is designed so that height adjustments can be made and is driven by variable speed and constant torque motor which ensures precision movement. The equipment has two sets of label dispensing and stamping units. The label pressing unit can be adjusted so as to place them at different locations. This bottle sticker labeller machine is versatile awarded with CE certification and is able to label flat bottles on double side and can work with labels of different sizes.

The parts are manufactured from high quality steels while those touching the products or exposed to air are made from stainless steel. The double side bottle labeller machine has advanced sensing and control mechanisms that ensures “no product” “no labeling”. When the machine senses “no label” operation, it stops the machine. The device has advanced safety features such as enclosed structures to prevent accident and automatic stop.

Salient Features of Bottle Sticker Labeler Machine

  • There is no need of Input Label Data/retrievals, irrespect to size of Label
  • Customized- Product Parts or Label Size can be remained unchanged
  • Easy to online control with varied single Pot speed control
  • Label Dispensing, Top Hold Belt System and Conveyor work on synchronized speed
  • Machine with NO Maintenance
  • Height of Label Application can be easily changed
  • Label Placement and Adjusting is quite operator friendly
  • Appropriate Contact Coding System and On-Line InkJet
  • System equipped with A.C. varied frequency drive is incorporated
  • Machine with finishing of Stainless Steel

Technical Specification

Model HDSL-150
Direction Left To Right (Vertical)
Products Types Oval / Flat / Square
Holding device From Top and Side
Output speed / Minute 120 / Minute
Label Size As per container sizes or as per requirements
Label Applicator Dual
Gap Between Two Labels 3mm to 5mm
Label Roll Diameter 300 / 400 mm
Core Diameter 75 to 76 mm
Power Requirements 1 H.P., 1 Phase, 220 Volts, 50 Hz
Working Height 800 to 900 mm
Dimension 2700mm (L) X 1300mm (W)