Dry Powder Filling Machines

We at Harsiddh Engineering Co. introduce a range of highly functional dry powder filling machine for our clients. Our machines have the best specifications and unique features, thus making operations easier for the pharmaceutical industry. We mainly stock three different kinds of powder filing machines that include injectable powder filling with rubber stoppering machine, the dry syrup powder filling machine and the single-head auger type powder filling machine.

All these machines are vibration free cGMP model and are compact too. Additionally, they are equipped with clutch protection system that prevents bottle breakage. Moreover, our single-head auger type powder filling machine has a filling capacity of 5grams to 200 grams.

Salient Feature Of Dry Powder Filling Machines

Our powder filling machine allows different features that are useful for different industries. The salient features like our injectable powder filling machine can fill a heavy amount of powder into different types of containers. The industries will also get a high level of accuracy when they will use our dry powder filler. And the rate of dosing in this machine is high, which allows the option to fill up multiple powder containers in a single session. Along with all the features, we also offer container necks in our dry powder filling line, which makes it easy to inject powder without any difficulty.