Injectable Powder Filling Machine

Injectable Vial Filling Machine (Dry Powder Filling Stoppering Machine)

The Harsiddh Engineering manufactures injectable vial filing machines which are responsible for filling the vials with any contact and reducing any chance of contamination. The vial filler machine has an inbuilt clutch system to avoid vial breakage. This equipment has multiple dosing system which results in increase of production rate. The dry powder filling machine has an average speed ranging from 80-240 vial per minute.

The device has an accuracy of 99% with minor inconsistencies of only 1% and the inconsistency in the dry powder vial filler is affected by the level of humidity. Our dry powder filler dispenses sterilized powder through a vibrating set of two hoppers.

Our dry powder filling machine has a system which controls the movement of vials and stops the production in case there are no more vials in the queue for labelling. The device is designed with variable A.C. frequency which is responsible for speed adjustment of the vials. Our dry powder vial filling stoppering machine comes with a CE certification and is compact, durable and vibration resistant material. The built-in rubber stoppering unit in the instrument saves a lot of sterile area and helps in reduction of Laminar Air Flow(LAF).

Different Types Of Injectable Powder Filling Machine

There are 2 major types of injectable powder filling machines used in different pharmaceutical and food processing lines. Hence, the first machine that we offer is a single wheel injectable powder filler, which is mainly used in industries where filling of powder is required on a normal basis, as the mechanism of the machine operates on a single wheel system. The double wheel dry powder filling machine from our side can be used in industries where the powder filling procedure is executed on a higher level. Both of our dry powder fillers are reliable and operative friendly to be utilized in various industries.