Filling Technologies Used in Pharmaceutical Industries in Various Countries

Most pharmaceutical products are packaged as either liquid or powders. Both of these products require advanced machines to handle their manufacturing and packaging.

Liquid filling machines

There are a number of technologies that are used in different nations for filling liquid medicine. They range from small machines to more complicated systems.

Table top filling machines

These were early machines used in packaging drugs and food. They ranged from manual, semi automatic and fully automatic systems. They use a pump to deliver the liquid to bottles. They are still in use in the developing nations, Africa, China and India. They are used by herbal medicine companies or those operating at a small scale. They use electric pumps, peristaltic movement and pneumatic systems. Containers are handled by hand and this increases their susceptibility to biological and chemical contaminants.

Advanced liquid filling machines for vials and ampoules

Liquid filling machines are utilized by many pharmaceutical companies in the world. They pass most drug agency regulation and codes since they achieve aseptic filling. These can be classified in terms of container type, speed, features, number of fill per operation and functionality.

The mechanism helps machine to fill vials or ampoules, an advanced method of cleaning, disinfecting, sealing and capping the containers.

    liquid-filling-machines-for-vials                   liquid-filling-machines-for-ampoules

Though different liquid filler employ a several filling techniques, the basic mechanism entails the use of piston, syringes and nozzles. The movement of piston sucks a metered quantity of the drug which is then delivered to the ampoules.

These machines are very popular in India, China, USA and Europe and are used by a vast number of pharmaceutical companies in packaging. Advanced sensors are used to monitor volume, container, speed, movement, sealing and other processes.

Liquid bottle / Monoblock filling machines

These are advanced modern machines used to pack liquid chemicals into bottles. They are widely used in pharmaceuticals drug packaging for local and export market. They have advanced features for handling bottles, cleaning them, metering the fluid depending of density, viscosity and chemical properties, pouring the right quantity and filling.

The monoblock type is widely used as it is a complete set will advanced measuring and filling system, ROPP (roll-on-pilfer-proof) where a filled bottle is sealed with a screw able bottle cap inserted by rotating capping machines that descends on the bottle, screws the cap and also forms a tamper proof tuck broken during use.

Dry powder filling machines

Dry powder filling machines are used as alternative to liquid methods. They are widely applied in packing powders that will be remixed in hospitals or by patients. The main machines applied include

Vacuum/ Injectable dry powders

This is an advanced method of packing dry powder. The sterile powder is stored in a hopper that uses agitation to move and mix the material. Then powder wheel uses a vacuum to suck the required amount of materials from the hopper. A doctor wheel scoops excess material before it is delivered to the bottle. They have advanced features are widely used in economical packing in North America, China, India and Europe.


Auger type filling machines

The auger type is more precise and has unbeatable accuracy in filling powders. It features a rotating auger that sucks a definitive amount of powder and transports it to bottles. This is followed by sealing and labeling.

Advanced specialized filling machine

In addition, many export machines are customized to suit the user needs in terms of bottle size, capping and sealing method as well as other features.