Horizontal Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine

Ampoule Sticker Labeller Description

As one of the leading manufacturers in the market, Harsiddh Engineering Co. offers Horizontal Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine for a gamut of ampoule sticker labeling needs. The horizontal ampoule labelling machine can be connected with coding and printing machinery, thus printing the batch number as well as expiry and manufacturing date. The equipment also allows connection with almost all kinds of printers such as Inkjet, Thermal Transfer, Hot foil as well as Thermal Inkjet for appropriate label coding and printing. While using this particular device, operators enjoy coordinated speed of Conveyor, Pressing device as well as Label provision.

The ampoule sticker labelling equipment is available with a touch-screen HMI and features a PLC-based system. It is appropriate for overlap labeling, complete and partial wrap-around. Additionally, the ampoule sticker labeller offers an incredible output of 150 every minute. And its horizontal compressed shape makes it a space-saving option. The device features vision systems that help you verify the barcode. The equipment also helps you to check the absence or presence of coding. Our sticker labeling machines have CE certifications.

A unique advantage of the ampoule labeling machine is that it offers complete liberty for altering the label heights. Quite inevitably, Operators enjoy the freedom of making label placement adjustments. Moreover, this ampoule labeler device also helps you maintain a proper gap of 3mm to 5mm between two different labels.

Working Principle of Ampoule Sticker Labelling Machine

This is an advanced equipment of ampoule labeller performing its operations even on a small tube or eye drop bottle. A high-end version of the ampoule labeling machine could include speed control. The very fundamental of this ampoule sticker labeling machine is that an in-feed is done on the hopper and through a wire mesh conveyor. Ampoules are loaded onto the hopper of the machine and it is delivered right to the feed worm. The feed worm rotates the ampoule and transfers it to the star wheel. The star wheel then transfers ampoules to the labeling station where the ampoule picks up the label and moves towards the pressing unit. The rotary ampoule sticker labeling machine then gets collected onto an out-feed collection tray. What makes this ampoule labelling machine different is that it is fabricated under strict supervision keeping in view the GMP standards. The ampoule labeler ensures minimum noise pollution and uniform flow of objects for labelling.

Salient Features of Ampoule Sticker Labeller

  • Automatic Ampoule in feed system.
  • Synchronized speed of Label provision, Conveyor and Pressing Device.
  • Simple to change label height.
  • Appropriate for On-Line Coding System.
  • Appropriate for Partial, Full Wrap Around and Overlap Labeling.
  • PLC based system with touch screen HMI in this Ampoule Sticker Labelling Machine.
  • Conveyor & servo speed corresponding and controlled from HMI.
  • Consumer gracious Label Placing Adjustments.
  • Vision systems for checking Barcode, presence or absence of coding or pharma code on labels
  • Higher output up to 150 per minute
  • Horizontal compressed model for least space required
  • Equipped with container loading hopper
  • Optimized speed of star-wheel and roller conveyor chain
  • Flexible to adjust label height
  • Customized speed of label dispensing, conveyor and pressing device
  • Appropriate for partial, full wrap and overlap labeling
  • The ampoule sticker labelling machine comes with a high production speed up to 150 containers per minute
  • Configured around with a PLC based screen
  • Speed of conveyor and servo controlled from HMI
  • Sophisticatedly built speed indicator and counter within
  • Customer friendly label placing adjustments
  • Label sensor photo cell for space detection between the two labels to detect space judiciously
  • Rigid glass doors with SS structure
  • The ampoule sticker labeling machine views each system for barcode check, presence or absence of coding and pharma code on the labels
  • Stainless steel finish with a linear horizontal model

Ampoule Labler Tech. Spec.

Ampoule Sticker Labelling Machine Model HASL-150
Direction Horizontal
Ampoule Size 1ml to 25ml Ampoules and other small round containers
Ampoule Dia. 10mm to 22mm / other round container up to 30mm
Output speed / Minute 150 / Minute
Label Size Label Length – Minimum 12mm / Label Height – 10 mm to 90 mm
Gap Between Two Labels 3mm to 5mm
Label Roll Diameter 300 / 400 mm
Core Diameter 75 to 76 mm
Power Requirements 1 H.P., 1 Phase, 220 Volts, 50 Hz
Working Height 800 to 900 mm
Dimension 1200mm (L) X 1100mm (W) X 1100mm (H)


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