How Ampoule Filling & Sealing Machine Works?

Ampoule filling and sealing machine are one of the most critical equipment that has significant roles to play in processing of pharmaceutical products especially liquids. And not only in medicinal sectors of the industry, will you find its extensive usages in chemical, biotech, and cosmetics industry as well. Manufacturers are now providing with machine solutions that are custom made as per the industrial requirement.

Ampoule filling and sealing machine are built on the principle based on slant traveling of ampoules when it is filled and sealed. At the same time, other things are taken care of by this equipment like neck dimensions of containers, its thickness and oval form.

Overview of Few Salient Features

The latest models available in the market come with features making operation of these machines an easy thing to do.

    • The model is compact and has the capacity of filling and sealing thirty to one fifty capsules in a minute. Moreover, it follows a unique system like no capsule, no filling.


    • Most of the machines are suitable to fill up to a range of 20ml starting from 1 ml. The neck of containers centers automatically when gas flushing and filling are carried out.


    • The system allows nitrogen gas flushing anytime during the procedure. All these characteristics have allowed not only complete accessibility but also an easy way of maintenance.


    • The machine also comes with pre-warming station.



Materials Usually Used For Filling

Most of the capsules are either made of glass or can be plastic. This device is fully functional in carrying out the filling procedure of both liquids and powders. Moreover, both air sensitive reagents and injectable pharmaceutical materials are used to fill the ampoules through this. The machine is technologically advanced to such an extent that these environmentally sensitive liquids and acids are also sealed as soon as they are filled to avoid contamination.

Process for Operation

The containers are first, sterilized and put in the tray. After that, this tray is directly loaded into slant hopper of unit. Now the machine starts to process, while synchronized start wheels start to deliver one at a time moving in the rack in single, twos, fours or sixes.

The rack stops sequentially and during this period, its every single procedural process is carried out like pre-gassing, filling, post-gassing, pre-heating and finally sealing it out. All the sealed ones are then, collected on tray for collection without manual touching.

Few Significant Operations

Following operations are also performed by the same like,

    • Feeding of ampoule through in-feed hopper, star wheel and transferring it to transport rack.


    • Two are advanced on per stroke of the device.


    • Centering of necks during various processes like pre-heating and gas flushing.


    • Rotating the neck of ampoule in pre-heating along with elimination process of spoiled tips of capsules by means of clippers and ejecting contents into a different container.



Highly tested technology is used to carry out all these processes and more will be implemented in near future as techniques are continuing to evolve. For all these reasons, it is regarded as an important part of pharmaceutical and related industry.