How to Select the Tube Filling Machine According to Your Needs?

Tube Filling Machine-It is a machine that is used to fill liquid and any paste into tubes. The machine can fill tubes very smoothly and efficiently in tubes of any size, design, and capacity. Tube Filler and the Ointment filler can be called multi-functional as they can fill any kind of tube irrespective of shape, size or the material to be filled. Vicious or semi-viscous products can be filled into metal, laminated, cylindrical, or closed tubes. The bottom of the tube is then sealed with filled products with the help of a heat sealer or crimper. The whole process takes place with the tubes that are manually fed to the tube feeder. Why this tube filling machine is much in demand is because it helps in reducing unnecessary wastage, eases operations, and reduces cost thereby boosting volume production.

To start with, a simple tube filling machine or an ointment filling machine can have a maximum of eight heads. As the production up-gradation increases more fill heads can be a necessity and the versatile machine should be ready for this customization and up-gradation. The model of the machine you choose should depend on factors like the bottle size and shape and the product itself. The different types of machines offer their unique performance and efficiency and a few common types of tube fillers will help us decide better what we need.

ointment filling machine

Fully Automatic Tube Filling Machine– If you need a mechanism that is totally labour free or comes with minimal human interaction, this 100% automatic machine is the best bet. All its functionalities are programmed which makes it ideal for large-scale production. Its myriad features ensure fewer adjustments which save time and provide utmost safety. Some models of this machine provide a bottom fill with a shut-off nozzle which enhances the cleanliness in filling and also the accuracy of the volume filled. The initial investment could be a little more but once in use, its operational costs are the most minimal.

Semi-Automatic Tube Filling Machine– They come in small sizes and hence apt for small to medium scale production. It is easy to operate the machine and comes with different designs, shapes, and capacities. Digital temperature control can ensure that the power supply is also maintained. If you need to supplement your fully automatic machine, this could be used as well. It could ensure smooth functioning in event of any failure of the main machine.

Rotary Tube Filling Machine-This machine comes in a both automatic and semi-automatic variant. A very versatile version that is used for a multitude of functions like filling tube products, sealing the tube, crimping, batch coding function, and ejecting all in one go. There is a patented hot air sealing system used which is the most reliable for plastics and laminated tubes.

There are broader variants of this tube filler like the linear tube filling machine, high-speed tube filling machine, lotions tube filling machine, pharma tube filling machine, medicinal tube filling machine, specific ointment tube filling machine and more.

The main parts of a tube filler or paste filler also could determine the nature of your requirement and we shall how it affects that decision.

Four Head Onion Skin Tube Filling And Sealing Machine

Frame-The type of production is very relevant here as the material of this frame has to be resistant to several elements. So what you decide to package is very relevant here.

Tanks-The tank holds the material that needs to be filled and the tube filler may have single or multiple tanks depending on your capacity to be packaged. So one needs to decide their volume or capacity before picking up the type of tube filler.

Filling Nozzles- A very important vital while picking up your tube filler as they define the direction once the material leaves the filler and the speed and capacity is a big factor while deciding the buying of this useful machine.

The coding jaws, the motor capacity, and the discharge unit or the dosing pump are also a few parts in this tube filler the function of which determine the deciding factors and the need to buy this beautiful operation machine.