Importance of Selecting the Correct Vial Filling & Labeling Machines for Pharmaceutical Industry

Different types of machinery are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes and the most crucial after production of the material becomes how to fill the vial or bottle and then label them so that it can be readily picked off the shelf. Leading machinery manufacturers offer high-quality filling machines. The manufacturers present high-quality liquid and powder filling machines, tube filling machines, oil, and cream filling machines in automatic, semi-automatic, as well as customized versions, to meet the requirements of pharmaceutical industries.

The Vial filler machine is used to measure a product from bulk similar to the level in a container by mass or volume. The vial filler fills the vial and the very latest version of it is the injectable liquid vial filling machine with its different variants which help fill liquids of different viscosity. Advanced versions and automated filling systems can fill the right quantity of the product without setting up the quantity. Contamination is to be avoided during the process and there should be no metal, dust, or bacteria in it. A bottle cleaner, the vial washing machine is implemented to clear the bottle from any such particles. The linear vial washing machine is specially designed to wash the internal and external surfaces of vials in an intermittent linear motion. Vials are held into sockets while washing and are an in-line process. Once cleaned they are filled by the Liquid vial filling machine and if it’s a liquid the filler machine fills the liquid based on the principle of gravity. These machines can fit in any tank, bottle, or container. There is filling equipment that can be set to fill a predetermined number of tablets into a container. Where powder form is to be filled, the various models of granule powder filler machines are used. For example, the rotary powder filling machine and the granules filler machine by are well recommended. To add-on, the rotary mono-block dry syrup powder with a capping machine is another machine that ensures no wastage gives the output smoothly and efficiently.

Next, the role of capper or sealer comes into the picture. It is used to seal the vials with aluminum or plastic caps, quickly and efficiently. The Vial Cap Sealer Machine is the one that uses the conveyor system and the bottles enter the feeder to be capped. The clutch system prevents any damage. Fully automatic cappers use the spinner rollers as a sealing mechanism. There are multi-headed cappers available suiting large-scale production. This is a very important function as it prevents leakage, a tamper-proof mechanism, and helps to avoid any wastage in the whole process while giving uniformity to the product.

The Vial Sticker Labelling Machine is another beautiful innovation that helps manufacturers achieve continuous and smooth processing without any manual feed. The Vial Labeler has the latest microprocessors which make them paste labels on small and delicate vials. These even store the label system and retrieve them when the label needs to be used. There are different types of Vial Sticker Labeling Machine like the rotary self-adhesive sticker on medicine bottles which are oval, rectangular, and of any shape or size.

Vertical Vial Sticker Labeling Machine

When selecting a pharmaceutical machinery manufacturer or machinery, the one with a reputation for producing high-quality, efficient filling machines should be preferred. The health care industry is home to millions of valuable products. It would only be wise to invest in the right equipment that fills accurately, performs efficiently, prevents wastage, and seals securely. It is also of crucial importance when the manufacturer has had first-hand knowledge and experience providing machinery for other pharmaceutical companies and can customize as per your needs.