Induction Sealing Machine

Induction Cap Sealing Machine Description

Harsiddh has been in the limelight for developing new advanced and innovative packaging machines. In line with this, we developed the induction cap sealer which creates and hermetic seal and thus prevent leakage, increases the product shelf life as well as performance. The induction capping equipment is designed to handle caps ranging between 25- 80 mm coupled with high efficiency, safe, reliable and compact sealing. This automatic online induction cap sealing machine is able to package 60 -80 BPM and has a line speed to 30 feet/ min.

At the heart of this equipment is an induction heating devices that generate heat for the perfect induction seal. The heating device is designed to save power and only uses 5 amps and the whole induction capper machine is rated 1.5KW. Our induction sealer carried industry best CE certification that assure of the best product.

The equipment design allows for online operation where bottles from other machines are conveyed to the sealing section. It is easily moveable since it is mounted on wheels. It has sophisticated control system features, microprocessor control, “no bottle –no sealing, no tooling operation, over temperature control, over current and overvoltage controls.

Salient Features of Induction Cap Sealer

  • Easily Movable : The induction cap sealing machine is mounted on a wheel based unit, which provides added
    mobility. Easy for line relocation.
  • Save Power : Latest Solid State semiconductor technology ensures reliability. It has
    More than 90% power conversion efficiency, so less power is required.
  • Safety / Protection Alarms : Built in protection circuitry for Over Current/ Over Voltage/
    Over Temperature.
  • User Friendly : No tuning, no tools, just plug it into 230V Single phase mains power
    Supply and seal.
  • Speed: 60-80 containers/minute.
  • Safe, Reliable & Compact.

Technical Specification

Model DTIS-60
Power Output: 1.5 KW, 230 V, Single Phase, 50 Hz
Standby Power  0.3 KW
Max. line current: 5 Amps
Max. Line Speed: 30 feet/ min
Output: 60 to 80 BPM
Conveyor: stainless steel and Delrin