Ampoule Labeling Machine

Rotary Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machines

Our rotary ampoule sticker labeling machines are fully equipped instruments with the proper functionalities and are well-qualified labeling machines to guarantee the quality marking of ampoules at an ace speed of labeling 250 containers per minute. The excellent ampoule sticker labeler machine has an advanced sensing and servo based control system which ensures the correct placement of the labels on the bottle.

This labelling machine includes functionality of using a microprocessor due to which a label is not released if there is no ampoule available. This sticker labeling machine is connected in a grid network and uses single-phase power. Due to this functionality, the working of the machine is symmetric and connects the conveyor, stamping, and dispensing of the labels on ampoules to provide better results.

This is one of the best rotary ampoule sticker labeling machine which has a high rate of production and at the same time ensures minimum contamination. It also has a PLC based system with touch screen HMI, which makes it easier to adjust and use.

Harsiddh’s rotary ampoule sticker labeller machine has an adjustment setting for labels, according to the height of the ampoules. The ampoule labeling machine requires less space, has glass doors with a stainless steel body, and is CE certified rotary ampule sticker labeling machine which enables its use all over the world.

Horizontal Ampoule Sticker Labelling Machine

Harsiddh Engineering Co. has developed ampoule sticker labeling machine that has an exquisite feature of a PLC based system with touch screen HMI, which enables the user to make all kinds of changes in the label printing process. This ampoule sticker labelling machine has a production rate of 150 containers per minute. The sticker labeling machine comprises of the vision system to check the barcode as well as the presence or absence of pharma codes on the labels.

Printers like Inkjet Printers, Thermal Transfer and Hot foil can be connected to the machine for best labeling of ampoules. The Harsiddh sticker labeling machine is a benefit to all its operators since it is convenient to use without too much fuss. It is because it allows variation in change of label sizes of different heights between the range of 10mm – 90mm.

This ampoule sticker machine works on single phase power with the working of the conveyer belt, the pressing device and the labeling process in perpetual manner. All of the above mentioned features are combined and confiscated in less space acquiring labeling machine.