Vial Labeling Machine

Vertical Vial Sticker Labeling Machine

Our  vertical vial sticker labeling machine has the highest production rate, which ranges between 100-200 containers per minute. The company manufactures 3 different models of vial sticker labelling machine: HVSL-100, HVSL -150 & HVSL-200. The height of labels printed by the vial labeler machine varies the from 10mm to 90mm.

The vertical vial labeling machine  is made up of stainless steel with 304 construction material. This device uses a single phase motor for the purpose of vial sticker labeling. The vial sticker labeller works in an unhindered manner due to the combined work of the conveyer belt and label pressing unit. With PLS based HMI touch screen, the self adhesive sticker labeling machine helps in controlling the conveyer and servo speed of the device.

The vial labeller is used by most of the pharmaceutical firms due to its durability, productivity, operator friendly and controlling features. The sticker labeler has a detecting feature which prevents the logging and jamming of the vials, and detects the absence of vials and make sure that the labels are not released in such conditions.

Features Of Vial Labelling Machine

Our vial labeling machine has some of the features like no data regarding the size is required in order to label the vial, as the vial labeler we offer will automatically detect the size of the vial and execute the labeling task accordingly. Using our vial sticker labeler one does not need to change parts for labeling from time to time as our sticker labeling machine has this beneficial feature. Among all other features, there is an important feature is that we offer a vial sticker labeling machine in which virtual maintenance doesn’t create an issue at all for the user.

Our vial sticker labeller machine is CE certified which add to its prominent features and determines the quality of the device.

Working Principle of Vial Sticker Labelling Machine

This self-adhesive vial sticker labeling machine uses a simple mechanism with a linear design to label glass vials and bottles. The equipment contains a very hi-tech microprocessor control label dispensing mechanism with a sensory. No look labels are placed at a very high speed. This vial labeling machine works on the fundamental of feeding label length data in memory which retrieves the size of labels as and when required. This saves time and also helps in bulk production. This vial labelling machine is also available with an optional turn table for online transfer of labeled vial to the packing or inspection department.