Oil Filling Machines – Servo Based & Viscous Filling Machine

Oil Filling Machine Description

Harsiddh automatic oil filling machine is used to fill water and various types of oils including lubricant(engine) oil, automobile oil, hair and cooking oil etc. our electronic servo based fillers (Servo Based & Viscous Filling Machine) are used in filling other viscous or non-viscous liquid material like Petroleum Jelly, Grease, Lotion, Creams, Paints, distemper, balms etc.

The top loading in oil filling machine is manufactured with high durable stainless steel. The viscous liquid filling machine is equipped with quality conveyor belt, storage tank with 80 liters capacity, servo gear motors, PLC with touch screen HMI, pumps etc. The equipment can be customized as per the industrial need for various types of filling capacity and precision. This auto fillers (servo based) auto indexing the container below the filling nozzles, to fill the viscous products without any input.

It follows GMP standards available in one, two, four or six filling nozzles operating with very low maintenance. It works on “no container, no filling” principle, thus in the absence of container, it stops its feeding operation. Our Oil Filler Machine carries CE certification. It is suitable for all types of glass or PET containers for round, flat, oval shape and can fill the containers from 10ml to 1000ml in single dose based on the type and size of the container.

Salient Features of Oil Filling Machine

  • GMP model.
  • Suitable for fill 10ml to 10000ml / 10 grams to 10 kgs.
  • Available in 1/2/4/6 nozzles filling at a time.
  • Easy to operating, user friendly machine.
  • PLC with Touch screen HMI .
  • Servo Motors.
  • SS 316 gear pump.
  • Equipped with in feed turn table for round container feed automatically.
  • All pneumatic components of Festo/Janatics make.
  • Maintenance free and long lasting.
  • PLC controlled .
  • Different output from 10 to 100 container per minute.

Technical Specification

Model No. Oil Filling Machine HEOF – 1 / 2 / 4
Container Types Glass Or Pet (All Type of Container)
Container Shapes Round, Flat, Oval (All Types of Shapes)
Filling Capacity From 10ml to 10000ml in single dose
Filling Type Electronics Servo Based Filling Systems
Material Storage Stainless Steel Storage Tank Capacity of 80 Litres OR made as per customer requirements
Contact Parts Stainless Steel AISI 316 (Storage Tank, Filling Nozzles & Pumps)
Output / Minute 10 to 100 / Minute (Depends on Fill Capacity or viscosity of Liquids)
No. of Head For Fill & Seal As per requirements
Direction Of machine Left to right OR customised
Dimensions 2550mm (L) X 1000mm (W) (4 nozzle machine)