Rotary Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine

Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine Description

Harsiddh is the home for many quality pharmaceutical stickers labeling machines. The rotary ampoule sticker labeling machines stands out as innovative and fully functional equipment that guarantees quality marking of ampoules in high production centers and labels 250 ampoules in every minute.

The ampoule labeling machine change over allow the use of labels with varying sizes and ampoules of different diameters and height. The ampoule sticker labelling machine utilizes advanced sensing and servo based control system to ensure that the stickers are placed correctly on the bottle. The sticker dispense system is controlled using a microprocessor and does not release a label when there is no ampoule. The ampoule sticker labeller machines can be used all over the world since it is made to international recognized cGMP standard. Our ampoule labeller Machine carries CE certification.

The ampoule labeling machine is fully automatic which increases the production output and minimizes the contacts as well as contamination. The device uses a single phase power available in common grid network. The single motor synchronizes, the conveyor, stamping and dispense of the label. The device is designed for minimal maintenance, easy cleaning and very low changeover times. The body and parts of the machine are manufactured from stainless steel and aluminum and this guarantees high quality and durability.

Salient Features Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine

    • Automatic Ampoule in feed and Collection system.
    • Coordinated speed of Label provision, Conveyor and Pressing Device.
    • Simple to change label height.
    • Appropriate for On-Line Coding System.
    • Appropriate for Partial, Full Wrap Around and Overlap Labeling.
    • PLC based system with touch screen HMI.
    • Conveyor & servo speed corresponding and controlled from HMI.
    • consumer gracious Label Placing Adjustments.
    • Vision systems for checking Barcode, presence or absence of coding or pharma code on labels
    • Rotary compressed model for least space required
    • Greater speed of production with an optimum speed of 250 containers per minute
    • Customer friendly label placing adjustments
    • Rigid glass doors with SS structure that makes the overall structure firm and specific
    • Specific system for barcode check, presence or absence of coding or pharma codes on the labels
    • Varied output available from 200/250/300/400 per minute
    • The ampoule sticker labeling machine is a rotary compact piece for minimum space required
    • Inside and specifically built speed indicator and counter

Technical Specification

Model HASL-150R HASL-200R HASL-250R HASL-300R
Direction Rotary
Ampoule Size 1ml to 25ml
Ampoule Dia. 10mm to 22mm
Output speed / Minute 150 / Minute 200 / Minute 250 / Minute 300 / Minute
Label Size Label Length – Minimum 12mm / Label Height – 10 mm to 90 mm
Gap Between Two Labels 3mm to 5mm
Label Roll Diameter 300 / 400 mm
Core Diameter 75 to 76 mm
Power Requirements 1 H.P., 1 Phase, 220 Volts, 50 Hz
Working Height 800 to 900 mm
Dimension 1200mm (L) X 1100mm (W) X 1100mm (H) 1200mm (L) X 1100mm (W) X 1100mm (H) 1200mm (L) X 1100mm (W) X 1100mm (H) 1400mm (L) X 1100mm (W) X 1200mm (H)