Semi Automatic Multijet Ampoule Washing Machine


As one of the pioneering manufacturers of Semi automatic multijet ampoule and vial washing machine, Harsiddh Engineering Co. offers products of highest quality standards. The S.S construction provides lucid operation while washing ampoules of 1ml to 25ml. additionally; the washing equipment also meets the washing demands of 2ml to 100ml vials. Microprocessor incorporation enhances the functioning of the entire unit.

The multijet ampoule washer possesses incredible technical specifications. The needle quantity of the machine is classified in 30 cycles in every hour. With a power consumption capacity of 0.25HP, this particular equipment consumes very less power. The entire machinery works on the pressure cleaning mechanism and makes very less use of the washing media. Operators can also view the entire washing process with the acrylic cover placed on the top of this ampoule washing device. By using distilled water, this device ensures perfect cleaning for all kinds of vials and ampoules. Apart from that, the machine also offers lucid operation by loading 30 trays within an hour. Our machines have CE certifications.

Automatic re-start and stop process during the cyclic operation further enhances your convenience while washing. Additionally, all the contact parts of the equipment exhibit S.S 316 or HDPE polycarbonate materials, thus imparting robust strength.

Salient Features

  • Machine is suitable for washing of 2ml to 100ml vials.
  • High pressure spray nozzles enter into the vials & ensure perfect wash.
  • Totally fabricated from high quality SS materials including the basic frame.
  • No change of parts required for washing of vials (5ml to 30ml), hence saving time of change over.
  • All parts coming in contact with washing zones / jets are made from SS 316 material.
  • Water re-cycling arrangement is possible as per customer’s requirement.
  • Machine is totally robust and withstand continuos operation for long working hours without any trouble.
  • Multijet ampoule and vial washing machine is equipped with PLC system & printing facility with passwords.

Technical Specification

Production Rate Up to 120 Containers/Min.(HTVW 120) Up to 240 Containers/Min.(HTVW 240)
Input Specification Container Dia.:15mm to 56mm Container Height:25mm to 110mm
Power Specification 3 H.P, 3 Phase, 4 Wire System, 50 Hz.
Optional Accessories Loading Platform Utility Water: 400 Liters / Hour Air: 20 CFM
Overall Dimension 2290mm (L) X 1175mm (W) X 1575mm (H) (HTVW 120) 2290mm (L) X 1580mm (W) X 1975mm (H) (HTVW 240) Net Weight: 1200 Kgs, Gross Weight: 1700 kgs.
Multi Jet Needles Ampoule Sizes in ML (Upto) Vial Sizes in ML (Upto) Output Per Hour
053’s Needle Plate 1ml to 25ml 02ml to 100ml 1500 per hour
100’s Needle Plate 1ml to 25ml 02ml to 30ml 3000 per hour
189’s Needle Plate 1ml to 25ml 02ml to 10ml 5600 per hour
240’s Needle Plate 1ml to 10ml 02ml only 7200 per hour
340’s Needle Plate 1ml to 5ml 10200 per hour
432’s Needle Plate 1ml to 3ml 12500 per hour
*Output shows in table is approx divided each needle’s quantity by 30 cycles per hour
(For example 100’s needle X 30 cycles = 3000 per hour)

Typical Washing sequence & consumption per cycle (Buyer to provide)

Internal & External Washing Consumption of Utility
1st Wash – D M Water 1st Wash – D M Water 3 to 4 Liters
2nd Wash – Air
3rd Wash – D M Water 3 to 4 Liters
4th Wash – Air
5th Wash – W F I 3 to 4 Liters
6th Wash – Air

20 CFM Air, Filtered to 5 Micron at 5 Bar, Pressure for Air Washing and DM
Distilled Water at about 2 kg/cm2 to be provided by the Buyer.

Floor Space / Dimension 1000mm X 1000mm
Height 950mm
Net Weight 180 Kgs.
Gross Weight 350 Kgs.