Single Head Onion Skin Tube Filling and Sealing Machine

Onion Skin Tube Filling and Sealing Machine Description

Exclusive SINGLE HEAD ONION SKIN TUBE FILLING AND SEALING MACHINE introduced by Harsiddh Engineering Co. including ointment filling machine & paste filling machine. The contact parts of this filler sealer are made of AISI 316 grade stainless steel with a customized single motor that complies with all different major unit drives. This tube filling machine possesses both post & pre nitrogen flushing units and also operates the mechanism of nitrogen-flushing. Another benefit of this ointment filling machine is the need of minimum ampoule changes. Our CE certified tube filling machines also have an active pre-heating unit suitable for thick glass ampoules.

Tube Filling Machine

This range of tube filler and sealer machine includes paste filler sealer machine & ointment filler sealer machine has the capacity to fill and seal ampoules up to the capacity of 25ml. With the help of this tube filling and sealing machine has a capacity of filling material from 0.5 – 25 ml in single doses. This ointment filling machine has a filling capacity from 10-15 ampoules when operated on the principle of volumetric piston-pumps type filling. Apart from that, this paste filling machine has a sleep tray available that offers a proper division of filled and sealed ampoules.

Tube Filler Sealer Machine

In this tube filling machine, Oxygen & LPG are the required gases for the purpose of filling and sealing ampoules. This first-class tube filler sealer machine offers the maximum flexibility needed during the production of ampoules accommodating veterinary medicines, agro-insecticides, and various other chemicals. Complete range including ointment filling machine, paste filling machine, tube filling machine and various other such filler and sealer machines are available with Harsiddh Engineering Co. that are suitable for all different kinds of open-mouth glass ampoules.

Salient Features of Tube Filler & Sealer

  • cGMP (Current Goods Manufacturing Practice) model compliant
  • Compact structure & vibration free machine
  • AISI 316 material grade stainless steel used for Contact parts
  • AISI 304 grade stainless steel, Brass, Mild Steel used for other non-contact parts  
  • Dosing syringes & filling needles made from AISI 316 grade stainless steel
  • All drives of the unit use a customized single motor
  • A sealing station having indicator ampoule rotating unit or smooth onion skin tubes
  • Pre-heating unit feature for processing thick ampoules or glass tubes
  • Avoidance of expensive liquid wastage due to “No Ampoule, No Filling”
  • Ampoule size change over within minimum duration
  • Easy to regulate the speed of Tube filler sealer machine through Variable frequency driven by speed pot
  • Properly filled and sealed onion skin tubes or indicators ampoules collection units
  • Waste tips collector made of stainless steel to collect glass ampoule tips during sealing
  • Perfect choice for all the open mouth onion skin tubes glass ampoules or indicators 

Technical Specification

Model No. HFS-30 OST (Suitable For Onion Skin Tubes / Crushable Ampoules / Biological Indicator)
No. Of Head One
Size Of Onion Skin Tubes / Crushable Ampoules / Biological Indicators Dia. 6mm to 15mm
Length – 55mm to 100mm Or as per customer size
Filling Capacity From 0.5ml to 5ml in single dose
Filling Type Piston Pumps Type Filling (Volumetric)
Filling accuracy +1%
Contact Parts Stainless Steel AISI 316L (For Filling Nozzle & Syringe / Pump)
Filling Head One
Sealing Nozzle One
Output / Minute 10 to 15 Tubes / Minute (Depend on ampoules sizes)
Require Gases For Sealing LPG & Oxygen (Mixture)
Require Gases For Opening LPG & Oxygen (Mixture)
Nitrogen Purging Available (Pre & Post)
Pre Heating Available
Power Require 0.5 H.P., 380 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz (4 Wire Systems) OR
Over All Dimensions 750mm (L) X 500mm (W) X 1000mm (H)
Net Weight 70 Kgs.
Gross Weight (With Wooden Case) 180 Kgs.