Washing Machines

Pharmaceutical labs are often in need of highly functional washing machines. These machines render the perfect assistance in the washing of vials and bottles. Depending upon the specific requirements of the industry, these pharmaceutical washing machines are available in a variety of forms. There are Linear Vial Washer, Rotary vial washing machine, multijet ampoule & vial washing machine, rotary bottle washing machine and others. Each of them has their unique specifications and offer astounding functionality.

Considering the importance of these machines in crucial pharmaceutical experiments, we at Harsiddh Engineering Co has launched an extensive range of pharmaceutical washers. You can use this machine to wash vials ranging from 2ml to 100mls.

Apart from that, one of the major highlights of our washers is their high-pressure nozzles that spray liquid into the vials and ensure pitch-perfect wash. Secondly, all the major parts of the machine come in contact with the washing zones, thus ensuring perfect cleaning.