Working Principle For Labeling Machines Of Bottle, Ampoule, and Vial

There are certain types of machines & equipment that hold their own respective principles that are beneficial for various industries, be it the pharmaceutical industry, food processing industries, or any other industries where equipment is used more than the physical labour work in order to execute the process. And some of the machines from various industries like the ampoule labeling machine, sticker labeling machine, bottle labeling machine, and vial labeling machine work on certain principles where the requirement of the industry from the equipment is to get the labeling process done on different types of bottles, ampoules, and vials, etc. To better understand the principles of these machines, here are the following points that will explain the principles of different types of labeling machines.


There are a set of principles that the sticker labeling machine requires in order to run the entire system of the machine. Firstly, the item/container which has to be labeled is kept on the sticker labelers at a particular speed of the conveyor present in the machine. Another working principle of the sticker labeler is that the technical fixture of the machine divides the items at a fixed space, and it allows the system to push the placed item to the aimed direction of conveyor. Hence, the drive wheel, labeling wheel, & reel are some major elements of the sticker labeling machine.


When it comes to working principles of the ampoule labelers, ampoules are directly loaded on the infeed hopper unit of equipment, where the ampoules should be passed to the feed worm. The role of the feed worm is to rotate around the operating star wheel. And this star wheel is used for further processing where the ampoules are labeled one after another. The pressing unit is another important part of the ampoule labeling machine that plays a vital role in the working principle of the ampoule labeling machine.


The working principles of bottle labeling machines demand a systematic process to run the entire operation of the machine. Initially, the item/container is labeled by keeping it on the round bottle labeling machine or any other type of bottle labeler at a dedicated speed from the conveyor of the machine. Another working principle of the bottle labeler is that there is a mechanical fixture present in the machine that breaks the items at a particular distance and allows the operator to push the item on the belt in a straight direction of conveyor. Hence labeling wheel & reel are two important components of a bottle sticker labeling machine.


The vial sticker labeler works on a set of principles, and one of the major principles of the vial labeler is that the vials are inserted in the main component of the machine is the conveyor. Once the vials are placed on the conveyor that are directly passed on to another level where the vials are labeled one by one with the help of a labeling tool. The role of the labeling tool is to help in putting on the stickers of the vials so that the vials can be identified when out processed out the vial sticker labeler.  

As there is a set of working principle for every machine of the industries, and the machine has to work according to that, here are some of the major principles of machines like ampoule labeling machine, sticker labeling machine, bottle labeling machine, and vial sticker labeler that makes them preferable for different industries.