Working Principle of Some Pharmaceutical Machineries

Pharmaceutical types of machinery comprise all medical instruments and devices required to produce medical drugs as well as all the instruments required in the diagnosis, treatment, and analysis of all medical conditions. The precision required is immense and we shall discuss the working principle of a few machines here.

1. The working Principle of Auger Type Powder Filling Machine

They are the device to fill the right amount of product into a container. The name Auger derives from an auger screw which the machine uses for filling containers with liquid, semi-solid, powdery, and granular materials. Moving on to the principle of how an Auger Powder filling machine works, the whole set up is based on the fundamental of Positive Displacement screw operating under a constant head which displaces the product through a funnel into the container. The augur metering system or the auger powder filler has four parts:-

  1. Drive motor – This controls the speed and revolution of the auger.
  2. Hopper- This holds the product to be filled.
  3. Blender- This homogenizes the powder.
  4. Auger- This rotates vertically into the hopper to feed the product through the funnel.
  5. Auger Funnel (Tube) – This holds the final product and is an outlet through which augur doses.

Whereas different products require different speeds and precision, the augur type  powder filling machine is tailored made.

Auger Powder Filling Machine

2Working Principle of Injectable Vial Filling Machine

The Injectable vial filling machine is used extensively for filling up the vials with medicines. It works on the volumetric principle with diving nozzles and a pneumatic system of stoppering rubber on top of the vials. The injectable dry powder filling machine has a SS flat conveyor belt on which the vials move and get transferred. The vials are then transferred to the filling station where there are multiple heads and are in the range of two to twelve. The next station is one where a stopper is placed on the head after precision filling. The major parts of the vial filling machine include:-

1. Conveyor Belt- The vials move on this belt to be transferred.

2. Filling and Stoppering machine – This is where the vials are filled and rubber stoppered so that there is no wastage of medicinal content and accuracy is maintained while filling the vials. The injectable powder filling machine is adept at handling aseptic micro dose sterile powder into glass vials and close the same with rubber stoppers.

njectable Dry Powder Vial Filling With Rubber Stoppering Machine

3. Working Principle of Vial Sticker Labelling Machine

 This self-adhesive vial sticker labeling machine uses a simple mechanism with a linear design to label glass vials and bottles. The equipment contains a very hi-tech microprocessor control label dispensing mechanism with a sensory. No look labels are placed at a very high speed. This vial labeling machine works on the fundamental of feeding label length data in memory which retrieves the size of labels as and when required. This saves time and also helps in bulk production. This vial labelling machine is also available with an optional turn table for online transfer of labeled vial to the packing or inspection department.

Vertical Vial Sticker Labeling Machine

4. Working Principle of Ampoule Sticker Labelling Machine

This is an advanced equipment of ampoule labeller performing its operations even on a small tube or eye drop bottle. A high-end version of the ampoule labeling machine could include speed control. The very fundamental of this ampoule sticker labeling machine is that an in-feed is done on the hopper and through a wire mesh conveyor. Ampoules are loaded onto the hopper of the machine and it is delivered right to the feed worm. The feed worm rotates the ampoule and transfers it to the star wheel. The star wheel then transfers ampoules to the labeling station where the ampoule picks up the label and moves towards the pressing unit. The rotary ampoule sticker labeling machine then gets collected onto an out-feed collection tray. What makes this ampoule labelling machine different is that it is fabricated under strict supervision keeping in view the GMP standards. The ampoule labeler ensures minimum noise pollution and uniform flow of objects for labelling.

Horizontal Ampoule Sticker Labeling Machine

5. Working Principle of Volumetric Bottle Liquid Filler

The principle on which this bottle liquid filler works is that the volume is matched to a weight based on the density of the product. They use a variety of nozzles and the bottle liquid filling machine opens for a specific amount of time for the flow to the waiting containers. If the liquid is vicious pistons and pumps might be used. Again this liquid bottle filling and capping machine ensure that all bottles are filled with the exact volume of liquid. The working is such that it uses Gravity fillers where gravity is used to assist in the filling process. Piston fillers are used where piston triggers the product into the containers. Alternatively, Pump fillers add push to thicker liquids. These variants of the liquid bottle filling machine is most suitable to a wide variety of bottle sizes as well as liquids.

Volumetric Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

6. Working Principle of Linear Bottle Washing Machine

The bottle washing machine operates on the rotary principle with an indexing motion mechanism and requires manual uploading and unloading. There is a rotating platform on which the bottles are loaded and cleaned in series and the most apt for plastic and glass bottles using high centrifugal pumps. The designed bottle holders hold the neck diameter and are placed in an inverted position. The timings between the two washes are also regularised. Water recycling may be availed as per the client’s requirement are adjusted in this rotary bottle washing machine. The medical purpose is solved as multiple air and water provide utmost hygiene. The linear bottle washing machine truly offers a saving of water too and is based on the ‘GENEVA ‘principle.

Semi Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine
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