Linear Vial Washer (Linear Vial Washing Machine)

Linear Vial Washing Machine Description

Harsiddh engineering Co. is a recognized local and international supplier of a wide variety of vial washing machines including linear vial washer. These equipments are designed to cGMP standards and ensure that vials of different sizes are cleaned and decontaminated. These machines have been developed after wide research on decontamination and sterilization which ensures that these containers are aseptic before filling operation. Our linear vial washing machine is CE certified.

Vial Washing Machine – HTVW-120 and HTVW-240

Our linear vial washer is available in two models HTVW-120 and HTVW-240 for vial sizes 2ml to 30ml with 7000 per hour and 14000 per hour output depend on vial size. The equipment features are round turn table where the vials are loaded and pushed to a steady conveyor feed system having single or double track. The vials are then clamped, inverted and washed through several sequential washing cycles. The number of washes depends on the required sterilization and size of container but each linear vial washing machine is able to perform several washes.

These linear vial washing machines are specially designed for online operation where vials are cleaned and then directed to filling stations. This equipment is compact, flexible, vibration free, easy to clean and implement changeovers. Parts are made from durable stainless steel SS304 ensuring durability and long service life with minimal maintenance.

Salient Features of linear vial washer

  • Fully automatic washing process of glass vials.
  • 50 Jets for 5 washing zones in HTVW-120 & 100 Jets for washing zones in HTVW-240.
  • Linear stationary mechanism.
  • High durable Nylon pockets for vial holding.
  • All contact parts made of SS316 material.
  • Machine construction in SS304 material.
  • Capable to wash for 5 ml to 30 ml Vial Size.
  • Washing sequence can be adjust as per customers’ special requirements.
  • Including with 2 Pumps and Tanks.
  • Each washing zone with independent circuit to avoid contamination.
  • Automatic In-feed and Exit of Vials.

Technical Specification

Linear Vial Washing Machine Technical Specifications

Model No. HTVW-120 HTVW-240
Output / Hour 7000 / Hour (Depend on size) 14000 / Hour (Depend on size)
Direction Linear Tunnel Type Linear Tunnel Type
Vial Dia. 16mm to 38mm 16mm to 38mm
Vial sizes 2ml to 30ml 2ml to 30ml
Contact Parts Stainless Steel 316L Stainless Steel 316L
Air Consumption 12 to 15 CFM 12 to 15 CFM
Washing Zone 5 Zone Or can be set as per customer require sequences 5 Zone Or can be set as per customer require sequences
Water Tank 2 Nos. Each having 50 Litre 2 Nos. Each having 50 Litre
Electrical Input 380 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 4 wire 380 V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz, 4 wire
Power Requirements 4 H.P. For Main Machine 5 H.P. For Main Machine
Utilities Fresh Water, DM Water, WFI,
Air – 12 to 15 CFM
Fresh Water, DM Water, WFI,
Air – 12 to 15 CFM
Working Height 850 to 950mm adjustable 850 to 950mm adjustable
Dimension 2750mm (L) X 1750mm (W) X 1675mm (H) 3050mm (L) X 2100mm (W) X 1675mm (H)


Linear Vial Washing Machine Videos